Valerie Feltman | 
Office Manager, Membership |


I was thrilled to become a part of the OPS! My love of children began years ago when I got my Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education. Being a mom and grandmother has enhanced my devotion to young people over the years.  Before moving to Oregon in 2007, I lived in California’s wine country and worked for a school-based mentoring program for young people in the Sonoma Valley.  As a lifelong advocate for children, I see the important work done here by the Pediatricians and their Associates in Oregon who support our organization and the effective programs that reach out to help our youngsters in communities all over the state.





Maria Sleeman | Reach Out and Read Program Manager |

After receiving my Bachelor of Arts from the University of Oregon Journalism School in the creative and management Advertising tracks, I moved to San Francisco and gained great experience working for clients such as got milk?, Netflix, Foster Farms and Banana Republic.  Having missed the Northwest, I returned to Portland, where I built up a specialty in Branding.  The past 10 years, made up of marketing, communications, team management, business ownership and organizational development experience have helped me discover that small clients, big causes and non-profits are where I am meant to be.  OPS is a perfect fit.  With my incredible passion for child health and having seen the direct impact of early literacy efforts, I am thrilled to have such an active role in a wonderful organization.  Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my husband and running after my two beautiful kiddos!




Peg King, MA, MPH  | START Program Manager |


After receiving a BA in English from Duke, I spent 4 years overseas, first as a Peace Corps volunteer in Kenya, and then continuing work in East Africa and Asia. I have a Masters Degree in African Studies from Yale and a Masters in Public Health from Portland State. My work background is broad and eclectic and includes education, public health, philanthropy and non-profit work, research and freelance writing. Underlying all of it has been my strong commitment to social justice and to children's health and well-being. In my spare time, I am an avid traveler and hiker (with my husband and children), a habitual crossword puzzler, and a sporadic fiction writer.



Gretchen Morehouse |
Program Assistant


It was my good fortune growing up to have experienced both city living and country rearing. I was born in Portland but later moved to rural eastern WA State where my family took up farming.  After earning a BA in Sociology from Washington State University I returned to my roots in Portland (I missed the trees and the rain!)  I join the team at OPS with over 10 years of non-profit experience having worked for two reputable health charities advocating and providing services for individuals coping with developmental, neuromuscular and other physical challenges. I treasure time spent with my husband, going to lunch with my mother, catching up with my nieces and nephews and volunteering for a local literacy program.