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Oregon is the worst
Oregon has the highest rate of non-medical immunization exemptions for kindergartners in the U.S.  During the past ten years, the state has seen a doubling in immunization exemption rates for children.  Personalize.... I am concerned for my child ...  I am concerned for my community... SB 132 will promote information so parents can make better decisions about immunizations and reverse this negative trend. 

Immunizations save lives
Immunizations are an easy and effective way to keep our children, families and communities safe and healthy.   A well immunized community will also protect children who cannot be immunized due to age or medical condition. Personalize I feel safer living in a well immunized community... My children are safer living in a well immunized community... SB 132 will help parents understand that the best defense against vaccine-preventable diseases is a well-immunized community.  

Some Oregon schools are at risk 
Oregon has the highest rate of non-medical immunization exemptions for kindergartners in the US.  For the 2011-12 school year, the non-medical exemption rate was as high as 76 percent in some Oregon schools.  These schools are at risk of an outbreak of a vaccine-preventable diseases. Personalize... I am concerned for my children... That's why I support SB 132 to educate parents about immunizations and community immunity. 

Medically-based information about immunizations 
Most parents seek information online about vaccines; information that is often inaccurate and incomplete. SB 132 will ensure parents can get credible, medically-based information about immunizations and vaccine-preventable diseases. Personalize... I have difficulty finding good information... I know other parents who...  It is important that all parents understand the benefits of immunizations for their family and the community.

Now is the time
The recent increased rates of measles and pertussis highlight the need for more immunization education. SB 132 will promote informed decision making among parents about immunizations.  Personalize... I would feel more safe... My children would be more safe... When this legislation passed in Washington  state, we saw a 25% increase in immunizations within one year.