Committee Overview:

The Oregon Pediatric Society has grown to a size and activity level that requires some communications infrastructure. The organization also needs to analyze its current ability to communicate with members and prospective members, as well as to the community in general. We need to develop a brand and identity that is unique to OPS and be able to speak from one page when it comes to key messages the organization wishes to convey. Further, we need to streamline our communications process, take advantage of new and emerging media for social marketing; email marketing; virtual meetings; and other new tools, and make communications easier and more cost effective for the organization. To further these goals, the board formed a new Communications Committee in April 2010.

Communications Committee Charge

The Communications committee will:

- Develop all key OPS messages, as well as a branding/identity look and feel for OPS communications.
- Assess new tools and develop implementation plans for those tools the organization can benefit from using.
- Focus on electronic communications for priority work, including overseeing the development of the new website and the creation of social networking sites as deemed advisable in the plan.
- Provide support to staff around virtual meeting tool selection and implementation.
- Assume editorial responsibility for all OPS general communications vehicles, such as the website, newsletter, email marketing, and key messaging.
- Communicate to other committees, programs, and groups to ensure that they adhere to the OPS general messages, branding/identity, and editorial standards. It will not assume responsibility of reviewing all of these communications pieces from other groups for adherence to guidelines.
- Begin to look at technical support for practices around electronic communications, for example how feasible would it be for OPS to support small practices development of websites?