OPS-OCCAP Oregon Child Mental Health Taskforce


Program Overview
The Oregon Pediatric Society-Oregon Council of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Children’s Mental Health Taskforce began in 2007 with start-up grants from the AAP and AACAP.  The group initially invited Jane M. Foy, M.D, FAAP and David Fassler, M.D., FAACAP to an OPS and OCCAP Spring Meeting to kick off the initiative. The first activities were to engage pediatricians and child psychiatrists in teams, or “arranged marriages,” for pediatric practices. This result of this effort was in 14 teams across the state that met over a six-month period to expand child psychiatry consultation for practice-based mental health needs. Some of these initial relationships are still ongoing and all teams found the exercise helpful.

As a result of this initial consultation model, the taskforce explored national models for child psychiatry consultation in primary care practice. In November 2008, the group  brought Barry Sarvet, M.D, FACCAP from the Massachusetts’s Child Psychiatry Access Project (MCPAP) to Portland to help explore options for Oregon. Additionally, it invited Robert Hilt, M.D, FACCAP from Washington’s Partnership Access Line (PAL) to join in the discussion. These initial inquiries were the start of initiating the Oregon Psychiatric Assess Line for Kids (OPAL-K).  Funding was secured from Oregon’s Addiction and Mental Health Division to build the proposal, partnerships and budget for start up of OPAL-K.

This initial meeting resulted in the continuing relationship of OPS-OCCAP and has broadened its support to include public and private partners interested in improving children’s mental health services, especially within primary care practices. The Taskforce now meets on a quarterly basis. These meetings now include pediatricians, child psychiatrists, public children’s mental health agencies, WrapAround Oregon, parent advocates, county MHO’s, and state-level children’s mental health leaders.


The Oregon Child Mental Health Taskforce has adopted specific Mission, Vision and Values embodied in its charter adopted July 2009.


The Taskforce has been increasingly recognized as a leadership group focused on alignment, engagement and promotion of improved children’s mental health services.  The Taskforce has been led through this process by the Oregon Child Mental Health Taskforce Steering Committee; a group of OPS-OCCAP members and other leaders.


The Oregon Children's Mental Health Taskforce as of 2011 has created the Intergration of Physical and Mental Health Care Delivery for Oregon's Children, a brief of recommendations to the Oregon health authority.


Taskforce Workgroups
In January 2010, the Taskforce established three Workgroups to create action plans and tangible outcomes:

  1. OPAL-K Workgroup
  2. Education/Training Workgroup
  3. Financing Policy Workgroup 


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