The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Healthy Active Living Grant Program for Chapters provides five chapters with grants of $20,000 each to develop innovative programs and approaches to support Healthy Active Living for families. Oregon was awarded this grant in 2010. OPS will work with the Lane Coalition for Healthy Active Youth (LCHAY), Kaiser Permanente's Weight Management Institute and Upstream Public Health, to implement a Healthy Active Living Grant on Healthy Beverages effort.


Program Overview
Oregon’s HAL grant effort builds on the growing momentum in the state to reduce the young children’s consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages. Grant-based activities are planned at the state, practice, and community levels. Program goals are to improve pediatricians’ ability to advise patients on appropriate consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages (SSB) and increase their ability to serve as community spokespeople about the health consequences of SSBs. In addition to statewide and practice-level efforts, the project will also target Lane County by hosting a forum on SSB consumption.

This effort allows OPS to leverage its START training program to include information and skill building about reducing SSB consumption by pediatricians’ youngest patients. The project builds on efforts where physicians are already connected and have the added incentive to earn CME credits and Board certification.


The new partnership with Upstream Public Health will couple that organization’s advocacy expertise with physician knowledge and spokesperson weight to build a small team of champions to advocate for this critical topic. This lays the groundwork for continued partnership in the 2011 state legislative session. Finally, the LCHAY collaborative will deliver a community forum on SSB to raise broad awareness and develop stakeholders. This forum will target an extensive group of community members and link to ongoing social marketing and engagement points for attendees.


Program Goals
The goal of the 2009 AAP Healthy Active Living Grant Program for Chapters is to work with a coalition of health care professionals, parents, public health, scientific, community and/or media organizations to:


Increase understanding among parents and/or the broader community regarding the AAP recommendations for obesity prevention, specifically around age-appropriate beverages; and/or


Increase access to and/or consumption of age-appropriate beverages.


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Anne Stone