Rear Facing Car Seats for Children Under Age 2

OPS is a proponent of HB 2643. Oregon is one of six states proposing such state legislation in 2017.  Motor vehicle accidents remain the leading cause of death ages 1 to 15.  The aim of this bill is to limit and prevent these risks by urging use of best practices in child safety seating.

Oregonian opinion submission by OPS board member Ben Hoffman, MD, FAAP.

HB 2643 Legislative Page

United For Kids Children's Agenda

 OPS is a strong supporter of the 2017 legislative policy agenda for children.  Of the 56 concepts or bills, OPS’ 17 endorsements include everything from expanding the earned income tax credit, to fully funding Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education, to raising the tobacco age to 21.

2017  Children's Agenda

SB 307 - Marijuana Regulation at Events

OPS stands as an opponent of SB 307.  This bill seeks to allow sales and consumption of marijuana at temporary events.  This would weaken Oregon's Indoor Clean Air by increasing potential exposure to second hand smoke.  A further concern is normalization of consumption and/or exposure to children.

SB 307 Legislative Page

Letter from Paul Lewis, MD, FAAP Portland Metro Public Health Officer

Marijuana Regulation Committee testimony, sponsored by OPS