What We Do

Leveraging the resources of national AAP to advocate for state policy change to improve health for children in Oregon.

Our Vision 

All children grow as healthy and productive members of their communities; and pediatricians set the standard for child healthcare, and are fulfilled throughout their careers.

We believe…

  • Children are our greatest asset, now and in the future
  • Children thrive in healthy and safe families and communities
  • Children should have access to quality comprehensive and integrated healthcare
  • Children achieve optimal health and development through collaboration between healthcare providers, families, and communities
  • Pediatricians provide essential leadership in promoting excellence in healthcare delivery and policy for children and adolescents
  • Pediatricians are committed to lifelong learning and quality improvement

The Oregon Pediatric Society welcomes partnerships with all who share these values.

Our Mission

The Mission of the Oregon Pediatric Society (OPS) is to promote the optimal health and development of children and youth in partnership with their families and communities,  and to support pediatricians who care for them.


What We Have Achieved

Advocacy:  Limiting edible marijuana dosing and packaging for child safety; federal Child Nutrition Reauthorization; Tobacco 21 legislation groundwork.

Health equity:  Focusing on at-risk populations: Latino and Spanish-speaking children and families for autism screening and referral, and American Indian youth and tribal providers for Adolescent Depression and SBIRT.

CME:  Depression Hosting a successful spring conference on "Hot Topics in Pediatrics" featuring group MOC-II on injury prevention.

Screening Tools and Referral Training (START): Since 2008 we have trained 5000+ participants through 250 trainings covering almost every county in Oregon. Coordinate physician-led clinical trainings and practice facilitation cohorts on behavioral health and developmental screenings and referrals.  START training modules include Adolescent Depression, Substance Abuse (SBIRT), Adolescent Well Visit, Trauma Informed Care, ASQ and Autism Screening.