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Social Health & Early Childhood Wellness

Third Thursday of each month

Begins August 20 / 7:30 AM – 8:30 AM PDT

The COVID-19 pandemic has uncovered the universal nature of social determinants of health; pediatricians are seeing patients and families struggling with meeting basic needs.

Oregon Pediatric Society is recruiting practices for an AAP-supported Addressing Social Health and Early Childhood Wellness (ASHEW) Project, which aims to help participants implement Trauma Informed Care and address Adverse Childhood Experiences in daily practices. Join physician leads Drs. RJ Gillespie and David Willis as we address screening, referral and follow-up for development, maternal depression, and social determinants of health. We know that medical homes are already screening and have innovated in these areas. It is our hope that by examining these screening processes side by side, pediatric providers will be able to integrate the results of each of these tools into an overall early childhood health trajectory within your busy practice.

Directly addressing social determinants and the effects of trauma on our patients will give you a concrete way to help patients through these difficult times. If you are interested in this learning collaborative, please contact OPS Project Manager Amber Ziring.

Pediatric Anxiety: Perinatal Period through Adolescence

First Thursday of each month

Begins September 3 / 7:30 AM – 8:30 AM PDT

Pediatricians have been treating increasing rates of anxiety in their practices, with a higher incidence of anxiety expected in the months ahead. OPS is offering an online Anxiety ECHO Project designed to address pediatric anxiety needs from the perinatal period through adolescence. Topics will include behavioral interventions, medications, complementary alternative medicine, and cultural considerations. CME is offered and clinics may elect to participate in MOC-IV activities. If you have questions, contact OPS Project Manager Amber Ziring.


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