Image for Voter’s Pamphlet: OPS & Public Health Organizations Endorse No on Measure 105

Public health professionals warn: Measure 105 could harm our health care system and increase emergency room visits. Throwing out Oregon’s anti-racial profiling law could harm the health of our communities and increase health care costs for everyone.

Measure 105 holds serious and negative implications for public health.

If Measure 105 passes, more patients will be afraid to get the help they need when sick, fearing health care providers might question their immigration status.

This means illnesses go undetected. People don’t get early screenings for cancer or heart problems. They miss treatment. And too often, relatively minor medical issues develop into far more serious and even life-threatening illnesses.

And when patients don’t seek preventative services, they end up getting health care in emergency rooms. This is costly and drives up insurance rates for everyone.

Measure 105 could also jeopardize the health of Oregon’s children. If Measure 105 passes, parents may fear that they will be harassed or targeted at the hospital or clinic if they have a family member who is undocumented.

Public health professionals work every day to keep Oregon communities healthy and urge voters to REJECT Measure 105.

“Measure 105 compounds the anti-immigrant sentiment already felt by our patients; we know that even more of our patients will not visit our clinics for fear of leaving their homes. Virginia Garcia opposes this measure because we value diversity and because we know that our patients are healthier when they feel safe.” – Serena Cruz, Executive Director, Virginia Garcia Memorial Foundation


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