Image for OPS Advocacy Committee member Dr. Lisa Reynolds Runs for State Representative


Many OPS members have been extra busy during the pandemic. Advocacy Committee member Lisa Reynolds, MD, is seeing patients at The Children’s Clinic in Portland, being a mom to her two sons, and running for State Representative of House District 36.

“I am in a very competitive primary, and I am the underdog,” says Dr. Reynolds. “I’m a modest person (aren’t all pediatricians?), but I know that I am needed in Salem and the best person for this role, especially with the medical disruption of the pandemic.”

Lisa is a longtime gun safety activist and has developed an initial investment and public health framework for an Oregon Pandemic Recovery Act, which has the goal of rebuilding a safer, stronger, more equitable Oregon. She’s been endorsed by The Oregonian, the Portland Tribune, and Willamette Week, which also provides a video interview of the primary election candidates.

She’s been hosting weekly virtual town halls on Sundays at 5:30 pm. and Facebook live, and Dr. Reynolds will be one of the pediatricians featured in OPS’s March 15 “Ask a Pediatrician” virtual Q&A session for families.



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