Emailing your legislators is one of the most simple, effective, and private advocacy actions. Your emails should be as personal as possible, and they can be brief.

  1. First, use the Legislator Look Up tool to identify your state representative and senator. Their contact information will be listed, along with links to their legislative webpages, where you can find more information on their party, priorities, and areas of work.
  2. Personalize your email subject line: “Vote YES on [Bill number]”
  3. Introduce yourself. Share that you’re a constituent.
  4. State the issue & why you support it. Personal stories and perspectives are powerful. Make a simple call to action. “Please pass [Bill Number] to support the health of Oregon children.”
  5. Offer to be a resource for your legislator. E.g.: “Please call on me with questions on child health in Oregon,” or “Please let me know if I can be a parent resource for you and your staff.”

Other considerations:

  • Stay in touch with your legislators throughout the session. For example, you could follow up with links to relevant op-eds or articles, stories, or just reminders that you’re still tracking the bill and want it to pass.
  • Do your elected officials already support the bill? Thank them for their work to keep kids safe and healthy! Don’t take their support and service for granted.
  • Ask your likeminded friends, colleagues and patients to contact their legislators, too.



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