In Oregon’s rural areas, pediatricians are often outnumbered by family practice clinicians. However, Pediatric Specialists of Pendleton is an independent rural clinic in Umatilla County.

Practicing in a rural area: OPS members Sara Rickman, MD, and Rhonda Wyland, MD, love the strong connections they make with patients by serving a small community. They encounter many interesting cases, such as an adolescent who was diagnosed with Lyme disease after exhibiting symptoms that stumped even infectious diseases specialists.

From left, Dr. Wyland and some clinic staff: Jennifer, Erin, and Autumn

Challenges: Like many pediatricians throughout the state, Pediatric Specialists of Pendleton acknowledge the challenge of effectively managing behavioral health.

Being an OPS member: Dr. Wyland values her OPS membership because of the AAP connection. She said she knows if something comes from the AAP, it must be legitimate.
OPS is happy to serve this rural clinic, and we thank them for their membership.
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