Image for OPS Helps Secure 2022 Child Health Wins
OPS’s priority advocacy agenda for the 2022 state legislative session was completely successful:
  • Building Up Childcare: HB 4005 & $100M budget investment – PASSED
  • Houseless Youth Services: HB 4013 – PASSED
  • Expanding Behavioral Healthcare: SB 1529 & HB 4004 – PASSED
  • Universal Representation for Immigrant Families: SB 1543 – PASSED
  • Emergency Heat Relief: SB 1536 – PASSED
  • (OPS opposed) Changes to Newborn Screening: HB 4109 – FAILED
  • Gun Violence Prevention: HB 4045 – PASSED

OPS Member Written Testimony Highlights:

“HB 4005 can turn the tide on the adverse impact COVID has had on early brain development and, moving ahead, assure the physical, mental, and developmental health of infants and young children, advance the child care professional capacity, and provide a smooth path for parents to get back to work.” – Sherri Alderman, MD, MPH, FAAP. Written testimony in support of HB 4005.
“The federal process for adding health conditions to a newborn screening panel is quite rigorous. It is meant to ensure that all families have a voice, not just the advocacy groups and disease researchers that are the most resourced.” – Cheryl Hanna, MD, FAAP. Written testimony in opposition to 4109.
“In Oregon, one in ten children has an undocumented parent. Deportation of a parent has been shown to have adverse effects on the family members left behind. Not only is there economic hardship, housing instability and food insecurity, but children suffer emotionally.” – Lauren Herbert, MD, FAAP Written testimony in support of SB 1543.
“By pursuing legislation and community programs that continue to fund and protect Universal Representation […]we can support the mental and emotional health of children by keeping them united with their parents, their loved ones, their essential support systems.”- Paul Mitchell, MD. Written testimony in support of SB 1543.

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