“As doctors, we work every day to support the health of Oregonians. An important part of that includes helping people take steps to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. Research consistently shows that having unsecured firearms in the home creates unacceptable risks, leading to unintentional shootings and gun suicides. That is why we will be working with the chief sponsors of House Bill 2510, Reps. Rachel Prusak, Janeen Sollman, and Sen. Ginny Burdick, to require guns to be safely stored when they are not under the owner’s direct control.”

Read the full opinion piece, published in The Oregonian on March 29, 2021.

OPS Member Lisa Reynolds, MD, represents House District 36-Portland; Maxine Dexter, MD, represents House District 33-Portland; and Elizabeth Steiner Hayward, MD, represents Senate District 17-Portland/Beaverton in the Oregon Legislature. 

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