Calling on Kids to be Public Health Heroes: Be part of the “Mask Up Oregon” Campaign


The Oregon Pediatric Society is producing public service announcements about young Oregonians who wear face coverings. Can you help us keep kids and families healthy from the coronavirus?

We are looking for a diverse sampling of young voices to model and inspire other kids, teachers, and parents, and we’d love to feature the children and youth in your life. Please see our guidelines and submit your photos and/or videos today!


  • Photos of kids and teenagers in face coverings (nose and mouth covered) individually or in groups (with physical distance)
  • Video clips featuring masked kids and teens in action, and/or a short interview supporting masking.
  • Creative locations from all over the state of Oregon! Outside and inside.
  • Show off your child’s hobbies or personality. For example, if they skateboard, you could film or photograph them with their helmet and board. If they like costumes, they could wear one in the video. Sports, arts projects, or gardening could be other masked activities to capture.


Filming on smart phones is fine. Please keep the filming distance between you and your child to about 3 feet apart when recording Q+A segments. Your child must wear a mask for the video.

If using a phone, hold the phone in landscape mode (horizontally). The camera should be eye level with your child. You should use both hands to grip the phone, and keep your elbows close to your body to make the shot as steady as possible. When ready to shoot, tap your child’s face on the phone screen to focus and lock exposure.

For the best audio, try to limit distracting background noises and record in a relatively quiet place, but avoid the echo of an enclosed room.


Please answer each of the following questions. If English is not you first language, you are welcome to submit in the language of your choice. Also, it is important that your child restate the question in their answers (e.g., “My name is…” and “I wear a mask because…”). It will probably be easiest to take a separate video for each question.

1. Who are you? “My name is [First name] and I live in [Your Town, Oregon]”

2. Why do you wear a mask? Give it a positive spin! Instead of saying, “I wear my mask because I don’t want to make people sick,” try something like, “I wear my mask because I want to keep my friends at [soccer practice/church/school/daycare] healthy,” or “I wear my mask because heroes wear masks.”

3. Invite other Oregon kids and youth to wear their masks. Examples: “Oregon kids, I hope you’ll wear your masks too!” or “Please wear a mask with me, Oregon kids!” or “Will you mask up with me?”


  • Social media posts
  • On the campaign webpage
  • In a short promo video with other Oregon youth
  • Last names and contact information will not be shared


Please contact Joanna Peterson, OPS Project Coordinator, at

Upload Your Videos and Photos

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