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Topic: Vaccines

Vaccinations are Successful, Safe Protection

Ryan Hassan, MD


OPS Member Ryan Hassan, MD, (Clackamas Pediatric Clinic) shares his support for vaccinations in this letter to the editor.

OPS Policy Statement on Vaccinations



The Oregon Pediatric Society supports the American Academy of Pediatrics statement that vaccines protect children's health and save lives. They prevent life-threatening diseases, including some forms of cancer. Vaccines have…

Time to remove immunization exemptions

Emily Puterbaugh, MD


OPS Member Emily Puterbaugh, MD, (Broadway Medical Clinic) shares her take on the recent measles crisis.

In Support of House Bill 3063

Brenna Lewis, MD & John Peoples, MD


In this letter to the editor, OPS Members Brenna Lewis, MD, (Mosaic Medical) & John Peoples, MD, (Central Oregon Pediatric Associates)  laud Cheri Helt’s sponsorship of House Bill 3063.

Vaccines Save Lives and Keep Children Safe

Alanna Braun, MD


In her letter to the editor, OPS Member Alanna Braun, MD, (OHSU) explains how as a pediatrician, vaccines are one of the few things she recommends without hesitation.

Vote to Limit Immunization Exceptions is Vote for Children

Shaili Rajput, MD, MPH


OPS Member Shaili Rajput, MD, MPH, Pediatrician (Kaiser Permanente) writes that House Bill 3063 would protect more children from treatable illness and would rely on well-established science.

What Will it Take to Tighten Vaccine Laws ? A Measles Outbreak Might Help

The Oregonian


OPS Board Member Art Jaffe, MD, is interviewed in this article about vaccination legislation in Oregon and Washington.

In Opposition to SB 649: Patient Stories about Vaccine-Preventable Infections

Dawn Nolt, MD MPH


With her knowledge and expertise in infection, outbreaks and public health, as well as her presence on the national stage regarding pediatric infectious diseases, Dr. Dawn Nolt speaks in opposition…

A Message to Parents from Oregon Pediatric Society Regarding the Recent Measles Outbreak



The recent measles outbreak in Clark County, Washington, and Multnomah County, Oregon, has caused concern and uncertainty among parents of vaccinated and unvaccinated children. The Oregon Pediatric Society (OPS) encourages…

Immunization protects children and community

Lauren Herbert, MD


OPS Member Lauren Herbert, MD, (PeaceHealth Medical Group) shares an opinion piece that draws from her experiences caring for children with vaccine preventable diseases.

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